Rich Dawe's Games Page - Doom Level List

Doom Level List =============== (c) 1994-1996 Richard Dawe Welcome ======= The following list of Doom levels was compiled in order to help Doom players quickly find the best levels to play. It was also in order to catalogue the enormous number of Doom levels I had on CD that I hadn't tried out. The purpose of this file is to eliminate time wasted playing rubbish .WAD files or trying to find good ones. I hope it's of assistance. The list was compiled between 1994 and 1996 by me, Richard Dawe. Most of the levels were tested on a 486DX-33 before Feburary 1996, and, as a result, some of the levels didn't play as I think their authors intended. After February 1996 they were tested on a Pentium-133. Also, I was unable to really gauge how good the DeathMatch levels were because of being unable to test them, due to not having more than one computer. However, I have pointed out the DeathMatch levels, and have tested them in a one player game. All these levels were tested on the second hardest difficulty level, Ultra-Violence, with and without invincibility. Those tested before February 1996 were done with invincibility, and after this without. I know this is inconsistent, but this reflects my increase in ability to play Doom (i.e. I die less frequently now). The levels have been tested with a mix of versions of Doom on both computers - Doom 1.2, Doom 1.666 and Doom 1.9 (Ultimate Doom). None of them have been tested with Doom 2 (yet) as I do not have this. The PC Zone August 1994 issue came with a CD that had hundreds of Doom levels on it. Because of this, repeated levels refer back to this CD. This was the first cover-mounted CD to have Doom levels on, and hence it is the standard to which others have been compared. Abbreviations Used ================== ABBREVIATON MEANING DM Deathmatch HOM Hall Of Mirrors SW Star Wars E1 Episode 1 E2 Episode 2 E3 Episode 3 M1 Mission 1 M2 Mission 2 M3 Mission 3 ... M9 Mission 9 1P 1 player 2P 2 player 3P 3 player 4P 4 player N/A Not applicable N/F Not fair to rate the level (e.g. due to jerkiness) Some of these can be used in combination, such as E1M1, which means Episode 1 Mission 1. Codes Used ========== CODE MEANING ++ See PC Zone August 1994 +++ See PC Gamer October 1994 ++++ See PCW November 1994 ## See PC Power November 1994 ### See PC Zone December 1994 * Sad, utter rubbish ** OK, a bit boring *** Average, good a couple times **** Enjoyable, fun to play ***** Excellent, top-notch, as good as / better than iD's levels Phrases Used ============ Hall Of Mirrors --------------- This is where parts of a level can be seen through a wall which should be solid, but is actually transparent at certain angles. This can lead to weird graphical effects. It's due to the incorrect use of texture mappings in a .WAD file, and can be remedied by amending the .WAD file with DEU or another editor. PC Zone August 1994 =================== Directory: \DOOM\WADFILES NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) 11BONES.ZIP Maze and large open areas *** 11FORTKO.ZIP Fort Knocks, hard **** 11INHELL.ZIP Very hard, designed for deathmatches ** 23CASTLE.ZIP Didn't work N/A 777.ZIP Hard, tricky pits to navigate ** AA22DOOM.ZIP Didn't work N/A ABYSS_OK.ZIP Quite hard, crashed the computer *** ACASTLE2.ZIP Castle with maze inside, confusing **** AFRO.ZIP Moderate, designed for deathmatches *** AMAZED.ZIP Moderate, maze with large open areas *** AMBUSH.ZIP Hard, confusing * AODDOOM.ZIP Army Of Darkness sound effects ** ATRIUM.ZIP Hard, swamp, barrel puzzle large rooms **** AWP11F.ZIP Quite hard, small tunnels, large areas *** BABELNEW.ZIP Same as E2M9 with more than 1 big guy * BARREL.ZIP Impossible? * BARREL2.ZIP Version 2.0, still impossible? * BATTLE.ZIP Cacodemon/SpiderThing battle demos * BDMWAD.ZIP Doom levels reorganised for net play ** BEHOLDER.ZIP Moderate, large rooms *** BIGBRO.ZIP Very hard, large areas, for deathmatch * BILLY.ZIP Quite hard, large areas, 'Billy' on map *** BLUDLST2.ZIP Didn't work N/A BOBWORLD.ZIP Same as E2M1 with extra stuff ** BRIAN3L1.ZIP Same as E3M1, more stuff & monsters * BU_CLAF2.ZIP Uni from hell, hard, varied style **** BWSDML11.ZIP Didn't work N/A COLOSEUM.ZIP Incredibly hard, deathmatch * DEATHMCH.ZIP Looks good for deathmatches *** DMACHE.ZIP Hard, balanced level **** DMATCH.ZIP Moderate, reworked E1M1 for deathmatch *** DMBOOT.ZIP Training missions (unnecessary) * DMBRAV.ZIP Didn't work N/A DMBUNK.ZIP Military bunker, hard **** DMCARL.ZIP EASY! Loads of ammo, but nothing else * DMCAST.ZIP Impossible? Large fortress, deathmatch * DMCATW.ZIP Moderate, pitch black, catwalks * DMDANT.ZIP Hard, excellent design, varied style **** DMDEG1.ZIP Didn't work N/A DMDTHB.ZIP One room, deathmatch ** DMESCA.ZIP Maze with many secret passages, no monsters * DMEVIL.ZIP Moderate, good layout, nice ship **** DMFCON.ZIP The Final Chapter, big, varied, quite hard *** DMFEAR.ZIP Moderate, dark maze (like E1M2), army bunker **** DMHANG.ZIP Very, very hard, aircraft hangar ** DMHOCK.ZIP Team hockey for Doom, weird, multiplayer *** DMHORR.ZIP Hard, unoriginal, rectangular rooms * DMIMPS.ZIP Imps 'R' Us, hard, varied style *** DMINFE.ZIP Moderate, nice layout **** DMKEEP.ZIP Hard, boring, perhaps good for deathmatch *** DMKILN.ZIP Very hard, varied and original locations **** DMLOW.ZIP Deathmatch arena ** DMLVL11.ZIP Very hard, hacked E1M1 for deathmatches * DMLVL12.ZIP Very hard, E1M2 for deathmatches, very sad * DMLVL13.ZIP Same as DMLVL12.ZIP, sad, waste of time * DMMADM.ZIP Moderate, playable little level **** DMMAGI.ZIP Demonstration of 'magic' disappearing objects N/A DMMAST.ZIP Very hard, colour-coded deathmatch ** DMMAV.ZIP Moderate, excellent design, deathmatch **** DMMAZE.ZIP Didn't work N/A DMNEVE.ZIP Hard, good layout, nice design *** DMOPOS.ZIP Quite hard, atmospheric research outpost **** DMOUT.ZIP Hard, invaded base, base-like design **** DMPARA.ZIP Moderate, nice twisty bits *** DMPRTL.ZIP Fairly hard, nice ring, good layout **** DMSEWV.ZIP Quite hard, atmospheric sewer *** DMSFG.ZIP Hard, good set of nine levels *** DMSHOT.ZIP Hard, two room shooting gallery ** DMSORR.ZIP Easy, mazey type thang * DMSPAC.ZIP Easy, designed for deathmatches **** DMSTAN.ZIP Didn't work N/A DMSUPD.ZIP Excellent deathmatch level, other didn't work **** DMTRAI.ZIP Hard, marine training, deathmatch *** DMULT.ZIP Hard, sniper towers, good for deathmatch *** DMWATT.ZIP Hard, nice start, shame about the rest ** DMWED.ZIP Quite hard, boring chapel-type thing * DMWEL.ZIP Moderate, firey atmospheric 'welcome' level *** DMWRLD.ZIP Very hard, well designed killfest *** DOOMSMIL.ZIP Quite hard, in the shape of smile, sad case * DOOMWR.ZIP Moderate, nice design, similar to a castle **** E1M1CNC.ZIP Hard, arena-like design ** E1M1DAL.ZIP Very hard, redesigned E1M1, pretty sad really * E1M1EDB.ZIP Slight modification of E1M1, 0% for originality * E1M1SAS.ZIP Hard, prison design, some nice touches *** E1M5_DJS.ZIP Modified E1M5, slight variation, tasteful *** E1M7BCE1.ZIP Easy, boring, predictable level * E1M8_NM.ZIP E1M8 demo on Nightmare! Rating for difficulty ***** E2GC.ZIP Moderate, fortress with side rooms, good layout *** E2L1BIN3.ZIP Nigh impossible, why bother? * E2L1GC.ZIP Same as E2GC.ZIP *** E2M1ED.ZIP Easy, windy corridors ** E2M8PAT.ZIP Deathmatch level, looks OK ** E3L2.ZIP Rejigged version of another Doom level, sad * E3M2.ZIP Didn't work N/A E3WADSKH.ZIP Rejigged versions of other Doom levels, sad * ELEVATOR.ZIP Very hard, conventional design ** ESCAPE.ZIP Looks excellent, but very jerky on a 33Mhz 486 *** EVIL_E.ZIP Same as DMEVIL.ZIP **** EW_E1L1.ZIP Didn't work N/A FLORZOO1.ZIP Pattern and animal zoo, pretty pointless * FOREST13.ZIP Hard, nice set of Doom levels, new graphics *** FROGGER3.ZIP Hard, Star Wars music, rubbish otherwise ** GHOSTOWN.ZIP Didn't work N/A GORE1.ZIP Excellent deathmatch level **** HEPTIC.ZIP Hard, shotgun-toting level, fun *** HHH_21.ZIP Didn't work N/A HHH_22.ZIP Didn't work N/A HOCKEY10.ZIP Same as DMHOCK.ZIP *** INVADE1.ZIP Very hard, Inquisitor spaceship, new music, etc *** KENLEVEL.ZIP Very hard, confusing layout ** LBL2.ZIP Impossible, new sounds and graphics * LEVEL11.ZIP Didn't work N/A LONGMTCH.ZIP Didn't work N/A MARX2_1.ZIP Couldn't get the secret passages to work * MESH.ZIP Quite hard, unoriginal, unexciting design ** MOURNING.ZIP Hard, bad spelling in instructions, boring ** NITRO2.ZIP Hard, confusing, good layout *** NUDOOM.ZIP Moderate, nicely designed little level **** OCTAFRAG.ZIP Crashed, deathmatch N/A PEACE.ZIP Excellent deathmatch level, scary **** PJSWAD01.ZIP Moderate, nice high-quality level **** PTULTRA.ZIP Hard, deathmatch, well thought out & designed *** SEWERS.ZIP Hard, massive sewer, atmospheric design *** SPILLWAY.ZIP Very hard, well designed, nukey type level *** SUBWAY11.ZIP Moderate, atmospheric subway theme **** T2MUS.ZIP Terminator 2 music for Doom * THEPITS.ZIP Very hard, pit-based, boring, not much variety ** TIBET.ZIP Moderate, based in Tibet **** UNDERSEA.ZIP Hard, good design, nothing to do with sea *** WARZONE3.ZIP Hard, killfest, boring, tedious ** WEEZUL14.ZIP Hard, creepy, scary, spooky music, nice layout **** ZZONE.ZIP Looks OK for deathmatch ** PC Gamer CD 1 October 1994 ========================== Directory: \DOOMWAD NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) AA22DOOM.ZIP ++ Didn't work N/A ALIEN.ZIP Moderate, basic design, full of action *** ASDOOM.ZIP Set of nine levels, techo-theme, hard **** BLUDLST2.ZIP ++ Didn't work N/A DMACHE.ZIP ++ Hard, balanced level **** DMBUNK.ZIP ++ Military bunker, hard **** DMCARL.ZIP ++ EASY! Loads of ammo, but nothing else * DMDTHB.ZIP ++ One room, deathmatch ** DMFCON.ZIP ++ The Final Chapter, big, varied, quite hard *** DMIMPS.ZIP ++ Imps 'R' Us, hard, varied style *** DMINFE.ZIP ++ Moderate, nice layout **** DMKEEP.ZIP ++ Hard, boring, perhaps good for deathmatch *** DMLOW.ZIP ++ Deathmatch arena ** DMLV12.ZIP ++ Very hard, E1M2 for deathmatches, very sad * DMSFG.ZIP ++ Hard, good set of nine levels *** GLUCKAUF.ZIP Badly design, clashing decor, utter tripe * INVADE1.ZIP ++ Very hard, Inquisitor spaceship, new music *** LEDGES3.ZIP Extremely hard, great design, playable, d'match *** OBLIVION.ZIP Hard, set of nine levels, not bad *** OVERKILL.ZIP Much harder than Nightmare level, killfest, sad * PTULTRA.ZIP ++ Hard, d'thmatch, well thought out & designed *** SEWERS.ZIP ++ Hard, massive sewer, atmospheric design *** TIBET.ZIP ++ Moderate, based in Tibet **** UNDERSEA.ZIP ++ Hard, good design, nothing to do with sea *** PC Format CD 7 November 1994 ============================ Directory: \WADS NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) BUNKER.WAD ++ Military bunker, hard **** HELL1.WAD Very hard, fairly varied style, nice in places *** LEV21.WAD Hard, formulaic samey design ** LEV23.WAD Hard, varied design, hard to find way around *** TIBET.WAD ++ Moderate, based in Tibet **** YAKWORLD.WAD Hard, unvaried, uninspired level ** PCW CD 4 November 1994 ====================== Directory: \DOOM\WADFILES NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) 777.WAD ++ Hard, tricky pits to navigate ** ARGH!_1.WAD Hard, nicely designed, neat little level *** AT_WORK.WAD Very hard, Doom in an office / warehouse, OK ** BADWATER.WAD Very hard, nice start, bit formulaic in places *** BARREL.WAD ++ Impossible? * BARREL2.WAD ++ Version 2.0, still impossible? * BASTARD1.WAD Hard, nice design, very playable **** BIGBRO.WAD Hard, large areas, basic design, boring * BOOTY2.WAD Very hard, deathmatch arena ** COMPLETE.WAD Hard, gloomy stone based design with good end **** CPHOBOS.WAD Very hard, set of four levels, iD design-style **** DMINATOR.WAD Hard, redesigned versions of iD's levels ** DMOMEN.WAD Extremely hard, red, complex, hellish level *** DOOMAJJ.WAD Didn't work N/A ESCAPE.WAD Very hard, high security prison-type puzzle ** EVIL_E.WAD ++ Moderate, good layout, nice ship **** FLAT-692.WAD Hard, strange sense of decoration *** FORTRESS.WAD Hard, atmospheric fortress design, v. hard maze **** GAUNTLET.WAD Moderate, 'thrown-together' look, basic design ** HEVNHELL.WAD Hard, basic large area-based design ** HORROR21.WAD Large sewery level, looks good for deathmatches *** IMPSKULL.WAD Hard, weird wall textures, strange design ** KEEPER.WAD ++ Hard, boring, perhaps good for deathmatch *** LEWIS21F.WAD Hard, large spacious level *** MANIC.WAD Hard, gory decor, very much like episode 3 *** MARX2_1.WAD Hard, formulaic design, seen it all before ** MEGAWATT.WAD Hard, tastefully done in iD's style, nice *** MOREHELL.WAD Didn't work N/A NEVEREST.WAD Near impossible start, scarier than a dentist **** PINA02.WAD Moderate, large rooms, basic design (yawn!) ** PINA03.WAD Moderate, massive rooms, looks good for DM *** PRISON.WAD Quite hard, stylish prison, couple of bugs *** SCC2.WAD Moderate, loads of ammo, cool for DM *** SORROW.WAD ++ DMSORR.ZIP, boring mazey type thang * STAIRS.WAD Moderate, simple iDish design, effective, fun **** SWAMP.WAD Hard, jerk-o-vision, not very playable on a 486 N/F TEMPLE11.WAD Hard, grey-stone castle-type level, not bad *** WEDGE.WAD Moderate, military base style, enjoyable, fun **** PC Power CD 8 November 1994 =========================== Directory: \DOOMEX NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) 11BONES.WAD ++ Maze and large open areas *** 11INHELL.WAD ++ Very hard, designed for deathmatches ** 23CASTLE.WAD ++ Didn't work N/A ABYSS.WAD ++ ABYSS_OK.ZIP, quite hard, crashed *** AFRO.WAD ++ Moderate, designed for deathmatches ** ASTHREE.WAD +++ Part of nine level set, techo-theme, hard **** ASTWO.WAD +++ Part of nine level set, techo-theme, hard **** ATLNTS1.WAD Quite hard, not Atlantis, small iD-style level *** ATRIUM.WAD ++ Hard, swamp, barrel puzzle large rooms **** AWP11F.WAD ++ AWP11F.ZIP, q. hard, tunnels & large areas *** BARREL.WAD ++ Impossible? * BARREL2.WAD ++ Version 2.0, still impossible? * BASTARD1.WAD ++++ Hard, nice design, very playable **** BEHOLD21.WAD Very hard, lots of Beholders, OK design ** BIGBRO.WAD ++ Very hard, large areas, for deathmatch * BITE_IT.WAD Moderate, reminiscent of the Deathstar in SW *** BLITZ.WAD Hard, varied design, nearly iD standard **** BLUDLUST.WAD ++ Didn't work N/A BOOTCAMP.WAD Pointless barrel puzzles, impossible? * BRAVE.WAD Moderate, very hard ending, nicely designed **** CARE.WAD Hard, meant for DM, good for 1P as well, nice *** CARL.WAD ++ EASY! DM, loads of ammo, but nothing else * CASTLE.WAD Moderate, excellent designed castle level, cool **** CATWALKS.WAD Very hard, one room, uninspired, unplayable * CAVLAB11.WAD Very hard, weird design, strange texture use *** CHESS.WAD Impossible without cheating, chessboard layout * CHUMP.WAD Moderate, iD-style level, lots of teleporters **** CLASSICS.WAD Classical music for Doom N/A CLIFF.WAD Moderate, stylish, difficulty about right, nice **** COMCON.WAD Hard, nicely design military complex **** COMMAND.WAD Moderate, unco-ordinated design, uninspired ** COMPLETE.WAD ++++ Hard, gloomy stone based design, good end **** CRAP.WAD Worse than the name suggests, not worth trying * CROSS2.WAD DM level, very small, not very good design * CRUG.WAD Impossibly hard, cheating necessary, rubbish * CRUSHER.WAD Hard, nicely design fortress thing, good *** D.WAD Moderate, strange design, perhaps for DM ** DANTES.WAD ++ DMDANT.ZIP, hard, excellent design, varied **** DARKNESS.WAD Weird-texture E1M1, confusing platforms, OK ** DAVE.WAD V. hard, lots of monsters, uninteresting design * DAVE1.WAD Hard, start off in a fight, fortress-type thing *** DEADBASE.WAD Hard, large fortress, lots of crossfire, good *** DEADLY21.WAD E2M1 for DM, pretty uninspired really, OK ** DEATH.WAD DM level, looks pretty bad, not fun, 1 room! * DEGENRTE.WAD Very hard, a few teleporters, nicely designed ** DETHSTAR.WAD Impossible? N/F DETHWALK.WAD Strange concept level, easy but impossible ** DIAMOND2.WAD Medium, short, nice, need development, good *** DMATCH.WAD ++ Moderate, reworked E1M1 for deathmatch *** DMGRAV.WAD Easy peasy, shaped like a fish, weird floor * DMINATOR.WAD Very very hard modified versions of E1, rubbish * DMJOE.WAD Easy, basic design DMLAW.WAD Hard, expansive fortress, lots of long range *** DMMINE.WAD Unbelieveably easy, only one baddie & room * DMMKS.WAD A completely pointless level - no kills * DMOGRE.WAD Moderate, uninspired modification of E1M1, OK ** DMPRTL.WAD ++ Fairly hard, nice ring, good layout **** DMSFG.WAD ++ Hard, good set of nine levels *** DMTORC.WAD Hard, nicely designed first room, castle feel *** DMWAR.WAD As far as I could tell it *was* E1M1 N/A DMWARG.WAD Hard, nicely designed, good killing/puzzle mix *** DOMINOES.WAD Easy, dominoes for E1M1, interesting for 2 sec * DOWN.WAD DPRISON.WAD DTHBOX.WAD DUNGEON.WAD Hard, wood / stone dungeon, very Wolf3D-ish *** DYLAN1.WAD DYLAN2.WAD E1L1.WAD E1L2.WAD E1M1-A.WAD E1M1-C.WAD E1M1-D.WAD E1M1-E.WAD E1M1-F.WAD E1M1-G.WAD E1M1-H.WAD FEAR21.WAD FLASH.WAD Hard, nice fortress design, stony & grimy level **** FY1_1-2.WAD JEG_E1L1.WAD JEG_E2L1.WAD LEWIS21B.WAD MARX1_1.WAD MARX1_2.WAD MEGAWATT.WAD ++++ Hard, tastefully done in iD's style, nice *** MINE1.WAD MOONBASE.WAD NASTY.WAD PILLARS.WAD SCREAM.WAD SPUNK.WAD SS-E1L2.WAD STEPS3.WAD Moderate, granite-type design, small, but nice **** STONES.WAD TEK.WAD Hard, largely open level, weird textures *** TEMPLE11.WAD ++++ Hard, grey-stone castle-ish level, not bad *** TLHE2L1.WAD TTADOM11.WAD PC Zone December 1994 ===================== Directory: \DOOM\LEVELS NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) DLAUNC.ZIP A .WAD file choose for Windows N/A DM16RP.ZIP Upgrade for registered Doom V1.2 to V1.666 N/A DM16SP.ZIP Upgrade for shareware Doom V1.2 to V1.666 N/A DMABYS.ZIP ++ Quite hard, crashed, see 'ABYSS_OK.ZIP' *** DMACHE.ZIP ++ Hard, balanced level **** DMADAM.ZIP Refreshingly simple, Wolfenstein-type action ** DMAFRO.ZIP ++ Moderate, designed for DM, see 'AFRO.ZIP' *** DMALAI.ZIP Star shaped level, weird design, OK *** DMAMAN.ZIP Set of basic killfest texture-themed levels ** DMAMBU.ZIP ++ Hard, confusing, see 'AMBUSH.ZIP' * DMANG.ZIP Nicely designed spacebase with helipad, good **** DMANML.ZIP iD style levels, fits nicely into E2, playable **** DMANNX.ZIP Small Wolfenstein-meets-45-degree-angles level ** DMAPOC.ZIP Very hard, innovative design, frustrating *** DMARC0.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC1.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC2.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC3.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC4.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC5.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC6.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC7.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC8.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARC9.ZIP Archive of Doom levels N/A DMARGH.ZIP Seemingly uncompleteable, strange N/A DMARMO.ZIP Hard, simple lots-of-monsters to kill level *** DMARMR.ZIP V. hard end, stone-walled & slime design, good **** DMARSN.ZIP New weapons for Doom: Uzi, grenades, etc N/A DMARTI.ZIP Hard, excellently designed, very playable ***** DMATRI.ZIP ++ Hard, swamp, large rooms, see 'ATRIUM.ZIP' **** DMATRX.ZIP Moderate, loads of ammo, basic stone design, OK *** DMAWPF.ZIP ++ Quite hard, large areas, see 'AWP11F.ZIP' *** DMB21.ZIP Hard, cool base design, well balanced, fun **** DMBALL.ZIP Moderate, small but perfectly formed, nice **** DMBAR2.ZIP ++ Barrel version 2.0, still impossible? * DMBARL.ZIP Turns demons in to barrels N/A DMBASH.ZIP Very hard, DM level, uninspired design, boring ** DMBBAT.ZIP Extremely hard, extensive replacement for E2 *** DMBEST.ZIP New weapons for Doom N/A DMBFGS.ZIP More new weapons for Doom - barrels, BFG snake? N/A DMBGDV.ZIP Weird DeHacked patch for Doom N/A DMBIGB.ZIP ++ Very hard, large areas, DM, see 'BIGBRO.ZIP' * DMBIGT.ZIP Very hard, typical base design, average *** DMBIOT.ZIP Hard, large passages & rooms, curvy stone level ** DMBKEY.ZIP Moderate, great start, very playable **** DMBLAZ.ZIP Hard, good if you like Wolf3D, otherwise boring ** DMBLIT.ZIP ## Hard, varied design, nearly iD standard **** DMBLT.ZIP Very hard, set of two levels, 2nd crashed, OK *** DMBLUF.ZIP Hard, octagon-based design, killing-only level ** DMBMIN.ZIP DeHacked file, demons explode on dying / attack N/A DMBRAV.ZIP ++ Didn't work N/A DMBRND.ZIP V. hard, nigh impossible, nice design though *** DMBUNK.ZIP ++ Military bunker, hard **** DMCANY.ZIP Hard, meant for DM, not much good otherwise ** DMCARE.ZIP ## CARE.WAD, hard, DM, also good for 1P, nice *** DMCAS.ZIP Hard, like 'ACASTLE2' (++), Norman castles, yay **** DMCAT.ZIP Hard, annoying teleporters, varied, no fun * DMCENT.ZIP Moderate, Wolf3D-like level, simple ** DMCFUS.ZIP Fairly hard, castle-ish level, well thought out *** DMCHES.ZIP ## CHESS.WAD, impossible without cheating * DMCHOI.ZIP Hard, made in 4 hours and feels like it, simple * DMCITI.ZIP Extremely hard, citadel level, ruined by diff. ** DMCITY.ZIP Very very hard, block-based city, great design *** DMCLEA.ZIP DeHacked speed-up file for Doom N/A DMCLEI.ZIP Hard, replacement for E2, Cleimos VR park, cool **** DMCLIM.ZIP Extremely hard, excellent large level, cool **** DMCLIN.ZIP Bill Clinton for Doom N/A DMCLYP.ZIP Very hard, replacement for E1, mix of styles *** DMCOFF.ZIP Moderate, excellent level for DeathMatches ***** DMCOMB.ZIP Moderate, DM, Capture The Flag for Doom, cool **** DMCONT.ZIP Very hard, large rooms, weird texture choice ** DMCONV.ZIP Hard, iD-style levels, acid passageways, nice **** DMCOOL.ZIP Very very hard, grimy & woody design, cool! **** DMCORT.ZIP Very hard, basic design, fun start, rest OK *** DMCOS.ZIP Very hard, couple of levels, stony theme, OK *** DMCPHO.ZIP ++++ CPHOBOS.WAD, V. hard, 5 levels, iD-style **** DMCRAP.ZIP ## CRAP.WAD, appalling, not worth trying * DMCRAZ.ZIP Varies, set of levels, some for DM, some weird *** DMCRUG.ZIP ## Impossibly hard, cheating necessary, rubbish * DMCSTL.ZIP Very hard, cramped castle design, OK overall ** DMCVRN.ZIP Unbelievably hard set of caverns, well designed ** DMCWRD.ZIP Hard, four transporter level, average design ** DMD9.ZIP DM levels, well-designed, castle feel, good **** DMDANT.ZIP ++ Hard, excellent design, varied style **** DMDARK.ZIP Very hard set of levels, couldn't complete 1st ** DMDAVD.ZIP Easy, lots of ammo, simple but nice design ** DMDED.ZIP Bad .ZIP file N/A DMDEPT.ZIP DMDESP.ZIP DMDEUM.ZIP DMDIS.ZIP DMDIV.ZIP DMDTH.ZIP DMDTH1.ZIP DMDTHB.ZIP ++ One room, deathmatch ** DMDTUN.ZIP DMDUDE.ZIP DMDV2.ZIP DME1L1.ZIP DME1M1.ZIP DME1WD.ZIP DME2.ZIP DMEART.ZIP DMEEF.ZIP DMEFW.ZIP DMESCA.ZIP ++ Maze with many secret passages, no monsters * DMEXCA.ZIP DMEXOD.ZIP DMEYEP.ZIP DMFCON.ZIP ++ The Final Chapter, big, varied, quite hard *** DMFEN.ZIP DMFLAM.ZIP DMFLAT.ZIP DMFLES.ZIP DMFOOT.ZIP DMFPIT.ZIP DMFRAG.ZIP DMFRED.ZIP DMFRST.ZIP DMFTOU.ZIP DMFULL.ZIP DMFURY.ZIP DMFYW.ZIP DMGAME.ZIP DMGATH.ZIP DMGENO.ZIP DMGET.ZIP DMGHST.ZIP DMGLAD.ZIP DMGLCH.ZIP DMGLCK.ZIP DMGLDT.ZIP DMGOAT.ZIP DMGOOD.ZIP DMGRAY.ZIP DMGRBL.ZIP DMGUET.ZIP DMGUNS.ZIP DMHALL.ZIP DMHARD.ZIP DMHEX.ZIP DMHGR.ZIP DMHIDI.ZIP DMHKUP.ZIP DMHLTL.ZIP DMHOH.ZIP DMHOUS.ZIP DMHQ.ZIP DMHREP.ZIP DMHSTF.ZIP DMHUNG.ZIP DMIC1.ZIP DMIFST.ZIP DMIMP2.ZIP DMIMPS.ZIP ++ Imps 'R' Us, hard, varied style *** DMIMPZ.ZIP DMINFE.ZIP ++ Moderate, nice layout **** DMINVE.ZIP DMJAIL.ZIP DMJOHN.ZIP DMJZOO.ZIP DMKAT.ZIP DMKEEP.ZIP ++ Hard, boring, perhaps good for deathmatch *** DMKICK.ZIP DMKILD.ZIP DMKILN.ZIP ++ Very hard, varied and original locations **** DMKIMP.ZIP DMKURT.ZIP DMLAMO.ZIP DMLEGI.ZIP DMLIFT.ZIP DMLIFX.ZIP DMLITS.ZIP DMLNDF.ZIP DMLOD.ZIP DMLOOE.ZIP DMLOST.ZIP DMLOTS.ZIP DMMADM.ZIP ++ Moderate, playable little level **** DMMAGI.ZIP ++ Demonstration of 'magic' disappearing obj's N/A DMMARS.ZIP DMMAST.ZIP ++ Very hard, colour-coded deathmatch ** DMMAV.ZIP ++ Moderate, excellent design, deathmatch **** DMMAXB.ZIP DMMAY.ZIP DMMAZE.ZIP ++ Didn't work N/A DMMEAT.ZIP DMMIA.ZIP DMMIKE.ZIP DMMIS.ZIP DMMORT.ZIP DMMRM.ZIP DMMRM3.ZIP DMMSW.ZIP DMMSW2.ZIP DMMTDM.ZIP DMMUD.ZIP DMMUIN.ZIP DMNCAS.ZIP DMNDAY.ZIP DMNIGE.ZIP DMNINJ.ZIP DMNIRV.ZIP DMNITE.ZIP DMNITM.ZIP DMNMSO.ZIP DMNOCA.ZIP DMNSHO.ZIP DMNSOH.ZIP DMOFFI.ZIP DMOMEN.ZIP DMOUT.ZIP ++ Hard, invaded base, base-like design **** DMOVL.ZIP DMPAIN.ZIP DMPEAN.ZIP DMPEN.ZIP DMPERL.ZIP DMPHOB.ZIP DMPILL.ZIP DMPIT.ZIP DMPRED.ZIP DMPRI3.ZIP DMPRIS.ZIP DMPRIV.ZIP DMPUEB.ZIP DMPUMP.ZIP DMPURG.ZIP DMQUAD.ZIP DMQUIC.ZIP DMREA3.ZIP DMREDP.ZIP DMRENA.ZIP DMREST.ZIP DMREV.ZIP DMRINE.ZIP DMRING.ZIP DMRMBP.ZIP DMROAD.ZIP DMROOM.ZIP DMRRUM.ZIP DMSACR.ZIP DMSCAP.ZIP DMSCHL.ZIP DMSCO1.ZIP DMSDTH.ZIP DMSECU.ZIP DMSEW.ZIP DMSEWE.ZIP DMSEWV.ZIP ++ Quite hard, atmospheric sewer *** DMSFG.ZIP ++ Hard, good set of nine levels *** DMSHA2.ZIP DMSHAD.ZIP DMSHAF.ZIP DMSHOT.ZIP ++ Hard, two room shooting gallery ** DMSHRI.ZIP DMSLYR.ZIP DMSOF.ZIP DMSORR.ZIP ++ Easy, mazey type thang * DMSPAC.ZIP ++ Easy, designed for deathmatches **** DMSPON.ZIP DMSPRI.ZIP DMSQD2.ZIP DMSQUI.ZIP DMSRND.ZIP DMSTAI.ZIP DMSTAL.ZIP DMSTAN.ZIP ++ Didn't work N/A DMSTAR.ZIP DMSTL2.ZIP DMSTLK.ZIP DMSTRI.ZIP DMSUPD.ZIP ++ Excellent deathmatch level, other didn't work**** DMSWRD.ZIP DMTARG.ZIP DMTECH.ZIP DMTELE.ZIP DMTEMP.ZIP DMTEN.ZIP DMTEX.ZIP DMTHEA.ZIP DMTHIS.ZIP DMTLB.ZIP DMTPA.ZIP DMTRAI.ZIP ++ Hard, marine training, deathmatch *** DMTRAP.ZIP DMTREN.ZIP DMTRNG.ZIP DMTT.ZIP DMTUN.ZIP DMTURM.ZIP DMTWR.ZIP DMUAC.ZIP DMUBRN.ZIP DMULT.ZIP ++ Hard, sniper towers, good for deathmatch *** DMULTI.ZIP DMUND.ZIP DMUNF.ZIP DMUPDN.ZIP DMURAN.ZIP DMUTOP.ZIP DMVENG.ZIP DMVOLC.ZIP DMVRAX.ZIP DMWACH.ZIP DMWACK.ZIP DMWARG.ZIP DMWED.ZIP ++ Quite hard, boring chapel-type thing * DMWEL.ZIP ++ Moderate, firey atmospheric 'welcome' level *** DMWHCK.ZIP DMWHEE.ZIP DMWHEL.ZIP DMWICK.ZIP DMWIDW.ZIP DMWILD.ZIP DMWIR2.ZIP DMWIRE.ZIP DMWOFC.ZIP DMWORK.ZIP DMWYBA.ZIP DMWZON.ZIP DMYARD.ZIP DMZEUS.ZIP DMZONE.ZIP DMZOO.ZIP DOOMAR.ZIP DOOMBO.ZIP DOOMEX.ZIP DOOMKP.ZIP DOOMON.ZIP DOOMPO.ZIP DOOMRN.ZIP DOOMSD.ZIP DOOMWR.ZIP ++ Moderate, nice design, similar to a castle **** DTHWPN.ZIP KILLDT.ZIP MEGADETH.ZIP TRINTY.ZIP UACBOT.ZIP Directory: \DOOM\PCZONE\COMPO\ENTRIES NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) ABBEY.WAD ABRAXIS.WAD AIRVENT.WAD AMAZE.WAD ARENA.WAD ATRIUM.WAD BARREL.WAD BIG.WAD BIGBAD.WAD BOBLEV.WAD CANALS.WAD CAST2.WAD CASTLE.WAD CHRIS.WAD CORPSVIL.WAD DANLEV.WAD DAPHU.WAD DEATHCW.WAD DEATHTW.WAD DEATHVB.WAD DHP.WAD DJSLEVEL.WAD DMT.WAD DOOMLEV.WAD DOOMSDAY.WAD E1L1(DM).WAD E1L1(SD).WAD E1L2BEE9.WAD E1L3.WAD E2M4.WAD ELL.WAD ENTRY.WAD EVIL.WAD FACTORY.WAD FAWAAD.WAD FINAL.WAD FINAL12.WAD FINAL2.WAD FINALR&S.WAD GARETHL1.WAD GOLDMINE.WAD GUS.WAD HANGAR.WAD HELL.WAD HOAGY.WAD IMPCHAOS.WAD IMPFORT.WAD INCINER8.WAD JOELS.WAD JOM69.WAD JON.WAD JONSI.WAD KAJ.WAD KEVINBLY.WAD KEVINFOX.WAD KIRK.WAD LEV1.WAD LEV2.WAD LIPS.WAD MACHINRY.WAD MARK.WAD MATTHEW.WAD MORTIS.WAD MYHOUSE.WAD MYLEVEL.WAD NEWAGE.WAD NEWDOOM.WAD NICK.WAD NP-EPISD.WAD OLLYSLEV.WAD P1L1.WAD P1L2.WAD P1L3.WAD P1L9.WAD PATWO11.WAD PUZZLER.WAD RMCINNES.WAD ROB.WAD SENDME.WAD SHIPS.WAD SNIPER.WAD SPANGOOD.WAD STORM.WAD STYX.WAD TELEPORT.WAD THE-MAZE.WAD TIGER_L1.WAD TIME2DIE.WAD TRIAL.WAD TRIP14.WAD TURNBULL.WAD WHIPLASH.WAD YELLOW.WAD ZARNEK.WAD Directory: \DOOM\PCZONE\COMPO\FINALSTS NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) BUNKER.WAD ++ Military bunker, hard **** CARNAGE.WAD Hard, high quality design, castle / bunker, fun **** CHAOS.WAD Moderate, small wooden dungeon design, not bad *** COMP.WAD Moderate, courtyard and sewers design, boring ** DAVES2ND.WAD Hard, cool fortress feel, psycho decor, yay! **** DE2106.WAD Quite hard, simple design, gloomy granite, OK *** DEUS.WAD Hard, bits ripped from Doom, nice in places *** DOMAIN.WAD Very hard, castle & sewer-type excellent design **** DRDOOM11.WAD Hard, maze with twist (monsters on walls), yawn ** E1L3.WAD Quite hard, stone building with sewer type, fun **** GRAYDAY.WAD Very hard, big grey stony rooms, nice design **** JAIL.WAD ++ Hard, prison design, some nice touches *** JEFF247.WAD Hard, loads of annoying lifts, varied decor, OK *** MAYHEM.WAD Very hard, excellent design & level, cool fun ***** MNTDOOM.WAD Very hard, themed rooms, tasted, crashed PC *** MTGLEVEL.WAD Hard, bog standard design, average ** NUCLEAR.WAD Quite hard, massive castle level, excellent ***** PLANT.WAD Quite hard, chemical plant design, nice ideas **** RD1.WAD Fairly hard, nice start, but average overall ** ROBS.WAD Hard, maze-like level, OK design ** TEMPLE.WAD Hard, stoney design, average design, quite good *** TONE2.WAD Hard, uninspired design, stone-based design ** WRECK.WAD Quite hard, castle-ish, bad 'Hall Of Mirrors' ** Directory: \DOOM\PCZONE\COMPO\WINNER NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) TMP.WAD Winner of PC Zone Compo, deserves it, excellent ***** PC Zone April 1995 ================== Directory: \DOOMSKI\LEVELS\DOOM_WAD NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) 11BONES.WAD 11FORTKO.WAD 11GETBFG.WAD 11INHELL.WAD 11SPACE.WAD 21HEX_PN.WAD 23CASTLE.WAD 2BOSSES.WAD 4CYL12.WAD 666.WAD 777.WAD AA21.WAD AA22.WAD AARRGHH!.WAD ABBEY.WAD ABRAXIS.WAD ABYSS.WAD ACASTLE2.WAD ACHERON.WAD ACHERON6.WAD ADAM.WAD ADY1.WAD ADY2.WAD ADY4.WAD ADY5.WAD AFRO.WAD AIRVENT.WAD ALAIN.WAD AMANDA.WAD AMANDA2.WAD AMAZE.WAD AMBUSH.WAD ANDY.WAD ANGUISH.WAD ANNEX.WAD ANTEROOM.WAD ANTHILL.WAD AOD.WAD APOCALYP.WAD APOCLPSE.WAD ARENA.WAD ARGH!_1.WAD ARMORY.WAD ARSENAL.WAD ARTIFACT.WAD ASTHREE.WAD ASTWO.WAD ATICA.WAD ATLNTS1.WAD ATRIUM.WAD AVRAX.WAD AWP11F.WAD AWSOPALE.WAD AYRTON.WAD AYRTON_2.WAD BACKUP.WAD BADWATER.WAD BALLLOCK.WAD BARNEY3D.WAD BARREL.WAD BARREL2.WAD BASE.WAD BASE12.WAD BASE21.WAD BATMAN.WAD BATMUS.WAD BCOMPLEX.WAD BDMWAD!.WAD BE1M1.WAD BEHOLD21.WAD BEHOLDER.WAD BENSOUND.WAD BEST.WAD BEWARE.WAD BEWARE26.WAD BFLATS.WAD BIG.WAD BIGBAD.WAD BIGBRO.WAD BILBO11.WAD BILLY.WAD BIOSCI.WAD BIOTECH.WAD BIP.WAD BITE_IT.WAD BLASTEM.WAD BLASTER.WAD BLAZE1.WAD BLITZ.WAD BLT.WAD BLUDFEST.WAD BLUDLST2.WAD BLUDLUST.WAD BME1.WAD BNNYSND.WAD BOBLEV.WAD BOOTCAMP.WAD BOOTY2.WAD BOTWALZ.WAD BRAVE.WAD BRIAN3L1.WAD BRNYSND.WAD BRUNDLE.WAD BUNKER.WAD BUNNY3D.WAD BUTT.WAD BUTTV2.WAD BWALLS.WAD C1.WAD CANALS.WAD CANYON.WAD CARE.WAD CARL.WAD CARNAGE.WAD CASE.WAD CAST.WAD CAST2.WAD CASTLE.WAD CASTLE1.WAD CASTLEM.WAD CATACOMB.WAD CATWALKS.WAD CAVE1.WAD CAVE2.WAD CAVERN.WAD CAVERNS.WAD CAVLAB11.WAD CEMENT.WAD CHAOS.WAD CHASE.WAD CHASE21A.WAD CHESS.WAD CHOICES.WAD CHRIS.WAD CHRISK.WAD CHRISK11.WAD CHRISK12.WAD CHRISK13.WAD CHRISK21.WAD CHRISPAK.WAD CHRIS_E1.WAD CHUMP.WAD CHURCH.WAD CIRCLE.WAD CITADEL.WAD CITY.WAD CJME2M1.WAD CLAFLIN.WAD CLASH.WAD CLASMUS.WAD CLASSICS.WAD CLEIM10.WAD CLIFF.WAD CLINSND.WAD CLINTN30.WAD CNFUSION.WAD COD2.WAD COFFIN.WAD COLOSEUM.WAD COMBAT.WAD COMBATZ.WAD COMCON.WAD COMMAND.WAD COMP.WAD COMPLETE.WAD CONTAM.WAD CONVERTM.WAD COOLSKYS.WAD COOPERS.WAD COR81.WAD CORE.WAD CORPSVIL.WAD CORR2.WAD CORTYARD.WAD CORTYR_B.WAD COURT.WAD CPHOBOS.WAD CPHOBOS2.WAD CRAP.WAD CRATER.WAD CRESCENT.WAD CROSFR01.WAD CROSS.WAD CROSS2.WAD CROSST.WAD CRUG.WAD CRUSHER.WAD CWWAD.WAD CYKE.WAD D.WAD D9.WAD DAEMON.WAD DAEMON2.WAD DALEK3D.WAD DANCDETH.WAD DANLEV.WAD DANTE12.WAD DANTE666.WAD DANTES.WAD DAPHU.WAD DARK.WAD DARKGATE.WAD DARKNESS.WAD DAVE.WAD DAVE1.WAD DAVES2ND.WAD DAVID2.WAD DB-E2M1.WAD DB-E2M2.WAD DB-E2M3.WAD DB-E2M4.WAD DBLCROSS.WAD DC.WAD DCDM.WAD DE2106.WAD DEADBASE.WAD DEADLY21.WAD DEADZONE.WAD DEATH.WAD DEATH1.WAD DEATHCW.WAD DEATHME.WAD DEATHTW.WAD DEATHVB.WAD DEEPS.WAD DEGENRTE.WAD DESPAIR.WAD DESTINY1.WAD DETH1.WAD DETHE1M1.WAD DETHMAZE.WAD DETHSTAR.WAD DETHTRAP.WAD DETHWALK.WAD DEUM.WAD DEUS.WAD DEVIL.WAD DGOLD2LT.WAD DHP.WAD DIAMOND2.WAD DIE.WAD DIEFAST.WAD DIEHARD.WAD DIE_SOON.WAD DILL.WAD DILWEED2.WAD DIOPATRA.WAD DISDAIN.WAD DIVORCE.WAD DJSLEVEL.WAD DJW11.WAD DLKSND.WAD DMANMLY.WAD DMARENA1.WAD DMAT4.WAD DMATCH.WAD DMAZE.WAD DMBRID.WAD DMCARE.WAD DMCWRD.WAD DMDETH.WAD DME3M1.WAD DMEEF.WAD DMEXPO.WAD DMFRED.WAD DMFURN.WAD DMGRAV.WAD DMGWAR.WAD DMHALL.WAD DMHIGH.WAD DMHOUS.WAD DMHQ.WAD DMHUNGER.WAD DMINATOR.WAD DMJEF1.WAD DMJEF2.WAD DMJEF3.WAD DMJOE.WAD DMKEEP.WAD DMKILL.WAD DMLAW.WAD DMLITE.WAD DMMARS.WAD DMMATT.WAD DMMI.WAD DMMINE.WAD DMMKS.WAD DMNBK.WAD DMOGRE.WAD DMOMEN.WAD DMOMEN1.WAD DMPOOL.WAD DMPRTL.WAD DMPURGE.WAD DMQUICK.WAD DMROCK.WAD DMSFG.WAD DMSOF.WAD DMSTRA.WAD DMSTUP.WAD DMT.WAD DMTET.WAD DMTEXAS.WAD DMTORC.WAD DMTURM.WAD DMVE1M1.WAD DMVE1M2.WAD DMVM1&M2.WAD DMWAR.WAD DMWARG.WAD DMZOO.WAD DM_FLEUR.WAD DM_TPA_1.WAD DODGE.WAD DOMAIN.WAD DOMINOES.WAD DOOM-PIT.WAD DOOMAA.WAD DOOMAJJ.WAD DOOMBA.WAD DOOMJS.WAD DOOMLEV.WAD DOOMPOOL.WAD DOOMSDAY.WAD DORK.WAD DOWN.WAD DPB&W.WAD DPBLUE.WAD DPCOLOR1.WAD DPCOLOR2.WAD DPGREEN.WAD DPINVRSE.WAD DPRED.WAD DPRISON.WAD DRACO1.WAD DRAGON12.WAD DRDOOM11.WAD DRDOOM21.WAD DRKSTAIR.WAD DRUG_ME.WAD DSKULL.WAD DSPIRAL.WAD DTH1.WAD DTHBOX.WAD DTHTRAP.WAD DUDE.WAD DUNGEON.WAD DUNGEON1.WAD DUO_1.WAD DWHEEL.WAD DYLAN1.WAD DYLAN2.WAD E1L1.WAD E1L1(DM).WAD E1L1(SD).WAD E1L1AR.WAD E1L1JOSH.WAD E1L1KP.WAD E1L1TMPK.WAD E1L2.WAD E1L2BEE9.WAD E1L3.WAD E1L5KO1.WAD E1M1.WAD E1M1-A.WAD E1M1-C.WAD E1M1-D.WAD E1M1-E.WAD E1M1-F.WAD E1M1-G.WAD E1M1-H.WAD E1M1-HAX.WAD E1M1DAL.WAD E1M1EDB.WAD E1M1HIVE.WAD E1M1OSK3.WAD E1M1OSKU.WAD E1M1SAS.WAD E1M2.WAD E1M2-HAX.WAD E1M20010.WAD E1M3.WAD E1M3HIVE.WAD E1M4HIVE.WAD E1M5_DJS.WAD E1M7BCE.WAD E2GC.WAD E2L1.WAD E2L1BIN3.WAD E2L1GC.WAD E2L2_GG1.WAD E2M1.WAD E2M1ED.WAD E2M1_JOE.WAD E2M1_MT.WAD E2M2BCE.WAD E2M4.WAD E2MUSIC.WAD E3L2.WAD E3M2.WAD E3M2SKH.WAD E3M3.WAD E3M5.WAD E3M6.WAD EA-POE.WAD EARTHWAD.WAD EDR1.WAD EE2L1.WAD EHD11.WAD EHD12.WAD EHD14.WAD ELEMENTS.WAD ELEVATOR.WAD ELL.WAD EMPTY_S.WAD ENGINE.WAD ENTRY.WAD EPI1BEST.WAD EPI2BEST.WAD EPI3BEST.WAD EPIC11.WAD ESCAPE.WAD ESCAPE1.WAD ESC_WOLF.WAD EVIL.WAD EVIL_E.WAD EW-E1L1.WAD EXECUTE.WAD EXODUS.WAD FACELIFT.WAD FACTORY.WAD FAWAAD.WAD FC.WAD FEAR.WAD FEAR21.WAD FEARLESS.WAD FELIX.WAD FEZ1.WAD FEZ2.WAD FINAL.WAD FINAL12.WAD FINAL2.WAD FINALR&S.WAD FISH.WAD FISHCAKE.WAD FLAME.WAD FLASH.WAD FLAT-692.WAD FLORZOO1.WAD FOISTY.WAD FOOTBALL.WAD FOREST.WAD FOREST12.WAD FOREST21.WAD FOREST3.WAD FOREVE.WAD FORGE.WAD FORTRESS.WAD FRAGASM.WAD FRAGASM5.WAD FRAGDAY.WAD FRAGMAN.WAD FRAGYOU.WAD FRED.WAD FREE4ALL.WAD FREEDOM.WAD FRENZY.WAD FRGFST21.WAD FRIGHT.WAD FROGGER3.WAD FULLCHUB.WAD FURY.WAD FY1_1-2.WAD GHOSTS.WAD RAWWEPON.WAD SACRFICE.WAD SAMPRAS.WAD SAPIDUS.WAD SAPIDUSB.WAD SATAN.WAD SBAW.WAD SC.WAD SCANYON.WAD SCC2.WAD SCORCHER.WAD SCORPIO1.WAD SCREAM.WAD SDMATCH.WAD SECUR.WAD SENDME.WAD SEQUEL.WAD SERPENT.WAD SEWER.WAD SEWERS.WAD SEWERV10.WAD SEWV12R.WAD SFX1.WAD SHADES.WAD SHADOWS.WAD SHADOWS3.WAD SHEPHERD.WAD SHIPS.WAD SHOPBALL.WAD SHOTGLRY.WAD SHOTGUN.WAD SHOW.WAD SHOWDOWN.WAD SHOWDWN2.WAD SHUTTLE.WAD SIMON10.WAD SIXAREAS.WAD SKYCITY.WAD SLAYER.WAD SLY1.WAD SMALL.WAD SMGREEN.WAD SMILE.WAD SNIPER.WAD SOLODETH.WAD SORROW.WAD SOUNDS.WAD SPACE.WAD SPACELAB.WAD SPANGOOD.WAD SPAZ.WAD SPEEDOOM.WAD SPIDER.WAD SPILLWAY.WAD SPIRAL.WAD SPIT.WAD SPOON!.WAD SPORTS.WAD SPRING.WAD SPUNK.WAD SQUID.WAD SQUID2.WAD SR21.WAD SS-E1L2.WAD SS27BET2.WAD SS_E2_M1.WAD STAIRS.WAD STAIRWAR.WAD STALKER.WAD STAR.WAD STARDETH.WAD STARSHP1.WAD STARWAR1.WAD STARWAR2.WAD STATIONX.WAD STEELS.WAD STEPPER.WAD STEPS1.WAD STEPS2.WAD STEPS3.WAD STEVE1.WAD STEWBETA.WAD STJNOHOM.WAD STJOHNS.WAD STOLEN.WAD STONES.WAD STORAGE.WAD STORM.WAD STRANGE.WAD STREAM.WAD STRIPPER.WAD STYFST13.WAD STYX.WAD SUBWAY.WAD SUBWAY11.WAD SUDTIC.WAD SUNGOD.WAD SUPER22.WAD SUPER33.WAD SUPER34.WAD SUPPRSN.WAD SURMONT.WAD SURROUND.WAD SW1.WAD SW2.WAD SWAMP.WAD SWEET.WAD SWETDETH.WAD SWFORT.WAD SWIG1.WAD SWORD.WAD SYMBOLIC.WAD T2.WAD T2SOUNDS.WAD T3.WAD TAAWTS.WAD TALLON.WAD TALPOIDA.WAD TARGET.WAD TECHBASE.WAD TECHNO.WAD TECHNOID.WAD TECHTEMP.WAD TEDDY.WAD TEETHUPD.WAD TEK.WAD TELEPORT.WAD TEMPLE.WAD TEMPLE11.WAD TEST2KIL.WAD THE-KEEP.WAD THE-MAZE.WAD THEEND.WAD THEJOKER.WAD THEKEEP2.WAD THENEST.WAD THEPITS.WAD THETA-4.WAD THE_GRID.WAD THINK11.WAD THINK12.WAD THIS.WAD TIBET.WAD TIGER_L1.WAD TIME2DIE.WAD TINK.WAD TMP.WAD TNCROSS2.WAD TNPLHOME.WAD TNSPIRES.WAD TOE.WAD TONE2.WAD TONY3.WAD TOOHARD.WAD TORCHED.WAD TOUGHGUY.WAD TOUR.WAD TOURNEY.WAD TOWER.WAD TOWER2.WAD TOWERS.WAD TOWN.WAD TRAINING.WAD TREE1.WAD TREE2.WAD TRENCH.WAD TRIAL.WAD TRIANGLE.WAD TRIMATCH.WAD TRIP14.WAD TRUNK.WAD TT11.WAD TTADOM11.WAD TUDOR.WAD TUNNEL.WAD TUNNEL11.WAD TUNNELS.WAD TURBO.WAD TURNBULL.WAD UACPEN.WAD UAC_DEAD.WAD UCA.WAD ULTIM.WAD UMBRING.WAD UNDER.WAD UNDERSEA.WAD UNFUN.WAD UPDOWN.WAD UPLIFTNG.WAD URANUS.WAD URBNBETA.WAD UTOPIA.WAD VAMUS1.WAD VENGENCE.WAD VILLAGE.WAD VIPER.WAD WACK.WAD WAD.WAD WADPAK1.WAD WADPAK1A.WAD WADPAK2.WAD WADPAK3.WAD WADPAK4.WAD WALKER.WAD WALLS.WAD WANTMOMY.WAD WANTON.WAD WANTON12.WAD WAREHOUS.WAD WAREHSE1.WAD WARHOUSE.WAD WARREN.WAD WARZON4.WAD WARZONE3.WAD WARZONE4.WAD WATCH51.WAD WEASEL.WAD WEDDING.WAD WEDGE.WAD WEEZUL14.WAD WEEZUL15.WAD WELCOME.WAD WHACKR.WAD WHARE15.WAD WHEEL.WAD WHIPLASH.WAD WHITROOM.WAD WICKED.WAD WIDOWMKR.WAD WILLE1M1.WAD WIRE2.WAD WOODHALL.WAD WRECK.WAD WWF.WAD WYB_E2M1.WAD X.WAD XENO11.WAD XFIRE.WAD XXXDOOM.WAD YAKWORLD.WAD YELLOW.WAD YES.WAD YOUNG1.WAD ZARNEK.WAD ZIGGURAT.WAD ZMAZE11.WAD ZONE.WAD ZONE13.WAD ZRAT.WAD ZZONE.WAD Directory: \DOOMSKI\LEVELS\DOOM_ZIP NAME COMMENTS RATING (5=MAX) DM666.ZIP DMACHE.ZIP DMADAM.ZIP DMAGGA.ZIP DMALAI.ZIP DMALOH.ZIP DMALON.ZIP DMANTO.ZIP DMARMO.ZIP DMARMR.ZIP DMARMY.ZIP DMARSN.ZIP DMARTI.ZIP DMATRX.ZIP DMBAB.ZIP DMBBAT.ZIP DMBENS.ZIP DMBEST.ZIP DMBFGS.ZIP DMBGD2.ZIP DMBGD3.ZIP DMBGDV.ZIP DMBIGT.ZIP DMBKEY.ZIP DMBLAZ.ZIP DMBLUF.ZIP DMBRAI.ZIP DMBRND.ZIP DMCAGE.ZIP DMCAT.ZIP DMCITI.ZIP DMCLEA.ZIP DMCLEI.ZIP DMCOB.ZIP DMCOMR.ZIP DMCONT.ZIP DMCOOL.ZIP DMCOR3.ZIP DMCPHO.ZIP DMCPM1.ZIP DMCROS.ZIP DMCSTL.ZIP DMCWRD.ZIP DMD123.ZIP DMDANT.ZIP DMDCAS.ZIP DMDD.ZIP DMDEAD.ZIP DMDEPT.ZIP DMDETH.ZIP DMDEUS.ZIP DMDIST.ZIP DMDIVA.ZIP DMDMZE.ZIP DMDOM.ZIP DMDTH1.ZIP DMDTUN.ZIP DMEART.ZIP DMEEF.ZIP DMEJ.ZIP DMELVI.ZIP DMEXCA.ZIP DMEYEP.ZIP DMFEM.ZIP DMFEN.ZIP DMFOOT.ZIP DMFR28.ZIP DMFRED.ZIP DMFRIT.ZIP DMFRST.ZIP DMFTOU.ZIP DMFYW.ZIP DMGAME.ZIP DMGATH.ZIP DMGENO.ZIP DMGET.ZIP DMGHST.ZIP DMGLCH.ZIP DMGLDT.ZIP DMGONZ.ZIP DMGOOD.ZIP DMGRBL.ZIP DMGREN.ZIP DMGRIN.ZIP DMGUET.ZIP DMHARD.ZIP DMHGR.ZIP DMHLTL.ZIP DMHOH.ZIP DMHREP.ZIP DMINVI.ZIP DMJOHN.ZIP DMJOKE.ZIP DMJON.ZIP DMKHOO.ZIP DMKICK.ZIP DMKILG.ZIP DMLAKE.ZIP DMLAM.ZIP DMLAMO.ZIP DMLFTR.ZIP DMLG4I.ZIP DMLOOK.ZIP DMLOTS.ZIP DMLSET.ZIP DMMAT.ZIP DMMAXB.ZIP DMMEAT.ZIP DMMEWA.ZIP DMMIKE.ZIP DMMIND.ZIP DMMM.ZIP DMMORT.ZIP DMMOT.ZIP DMMPAK.ZIP DMMSW.ZIP DMMSW2.ZIP DMMUIN.ZIP DMMUT.ZIP DMNAST.ZIP DMNDAY.ZIP DMNEMO.ZIP DMNINJ.ZIP DMNITE.ZIP DMNJKD.ZIP DMNKIT.ZIP DMNOID.ZIP DMNSOH.ZIP DMOBLD.ZIP DMOHMA.ZIP DMPAIN.ZIP DMPDET.ZIP DMPEAN.ZIP DMPENG.ZIP DMPENT.ZIP DMPERL.ZIP DMPLAT.ZIP DMPLEA.ZIP DMPRED.ZIP DMPUEB.ZIP DMPUMP.ZIP DMPURG.ZIP DMPZAR.ZIP DMQST.ZIP DMQUAD.ZIP DMQUIC.ZIP DMRAIN.ZIP DMREA3.ZIP DMRED.ZIP DMREDD.ZIP DMRINE.ZIP DMRING.ZIP DMROAD.ZIP DMROGU.ZIP DMROKE.ZIP DMSACR.ZIP DMSBAS.ZIP DMSCAP.ZIP DMSCHL.ZIP DMSEW.ZIP DMSEWF.ZIP DMSEWV.ZIP DMSHA2.ZIP DMSHAF.ZIP DMSHDN.ZIP DMSHRI.ZIP DMSHUT.ZIP DMSLTR.ZIP DMSLYR.ZIP DMSOD.ZIP DMSPON.ZIP DMSRND.ZIP DMSTAI.ZIP DMSTAT.ZIP DMSTEL.ZIP DMSTL2.ZIP DMSTNX.ZIP DMSTRI.ZIP DMSURV.ZIP DMTELF.ZIP DMTEMP.ZIP DMTEN.ZIP DMTEST.ZIP DMTLB.ZIP DMTORN.ZIP DMTOW.ZIP DMTRA2.ZIP DMTRIP.ZIP DMTRNG.ZIP DMTRY2.ZIP DMTURB.ZIP DMTWR.ZIP DMULTI.ZIP DMUND.ZIP DMUNDE.ZIP DMUPDN.ZIP DMURAN.ZIP DMURME.ZIP DMUTOP.ZIP DMVAMP.ZIP DMVINE.ZIP DMWACH.ZIP DMWACK.ZIP DMWAYN.ZIP DMWHCK.ZIP DMWHEE.ZIP DMWHRR.ZIP DMWIDW.ZIP DMXMAS.ZIP DMZAP.ZIP DMZONE.ZIP DOOMEX.ZIP DOOMNJ.ZIP DOOMON.ZIP DOOMSD.ZIP DTHWPN.ZIP JAS_DOOM.ZIP TRINTY.ZIP UACBOT.ZIP
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