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They say games aren't the same as they used to be - no playability, etc. So, bring those games out of retirement by using an emulator. Emulators exist for practically every home computer that has existed. Now one can even get arcade machine emulators. The ones listed below run on PCs. I've only used the BBC and Spectrum emulators (BBC for the, er, BBC, and Z80 and Warajevo for the Spectrum), although I would like to try an Amiga emulator.

Credit to my mate Phil Kendall, who helped me with Speccy stuff. Check out his page.

Arcade Machines

The only problem with these is that it's illegal to use pretty much any of the game ROMs, unless you actually own one of the machines. In this case, I'd guess it'd be pretty pointless to want to emulate one. Arcade emulators seem to be growing in popularity, and they have nice Web pages, so take a look anyway.

Arcade Game ROMs
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulators

Commodore Amiga

Amiga Emulator Central
Unix Amiga Emulator (UAE)
UAE for Win32

BBC Micro


NVG's BBC archive

Other Pages


Sinclair Spectrum


NVG's Planet Sinclair
SnapSearch - Site for finding Speccy software
ZX Museum - In Russia, *very* slow

Other Pages

Phil Kendall's Spectrum page


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