Rich Dawe's Free Software Page


There are vast amounts of free software available, but the trouble is remembering where it all is. This page has links to the free software that I've downloaded and found useful. Some of the software isn't actually free, but I'll indicate when it's (ugh) shareware.

This page is principally about Windows software. I hope to write a page on Linux free software soon.

Most of my software is free. You may like to take a look at it :)

Sources Of Free Software

ACME Laboratories - lots of free stuff, especially in Java
Bill's Personal Freeware Dumpsite
Frink's Free Windows NT Utilities
The GNU Project
MAZ Sound Tools
Thom Whetston's Free Stuff

Sunsite UK (FTP)
Sunsite UK (Web)

A page in Germany
A page in the UK
Some more free stuff

Graphics Software


LView (Shareware)

Internet Software


Internet Server Software for Win95
Internet Utilities For Windows 95 And NT
Junod Software Home Page (WSFTP, etc.)

Dial-up Utilities

RasInTask - A helpful utility that allows one-click access to all your dial-up networking accounts. It's great when you're to lazy to do 'My Computer'->'Dial-Up Networking'...zzzz

FTP Clients

I use LeechFTP, which has a very nice interface and is capable of many simultaneous FTP transfers. It seems a bit more stable than other clients I've used too.

Freeway FTP

FTP Servers

War-FTP Daemon is the FTP server that I use, and it seems fast and stable. There's also a lot of activity in supporting it - it's come along a lot in the 3 months I've had it.

War-FTP Daemon



Mail Readers

Pegasus Mail

Mail Servers

SLMail FW for '95 (available from TUCOWS mirrors too)

Name Lookup (DNS)


Web Browsers

This is in no particular order. I prefer Netscape as it's faster & I think it has a nicer interface. Plus, it stops Microsoft's domination of all things in computing.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Netscape Navigator

If you want to add some strong encryption to Netscape, in order to circumvent the US's "ban" on exportation of encryption, look here:

Fortify 128-bit Encryption

Web Servers

OmniHTTPd is the Web server that I use, and it seems fast and stable.

JHTTPd - Free Perl Web server

Music Software

Impulse Tracker Module Players


MPEG Audio Players

maplay for Windows
WinAmp (Shareware) - It's a Shareware program, but it's so good I actually paid for it. The MP3 player program all others are judged by.

Programming Software


NASM - Net-Wide Assembler

C Compilers

Please see my C page for a probably more up-to-date list of sites.

Cygnus Project Home Page - Port of GNU C compiler to Win32
DJGPP Home Page
DJGPP at Sunsite UK


RGB Colour Box


Programmer's File Editor

Unix Software For Other Platforms

Windows 95

Virtually Unix


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