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FTP - File Transfer Protocol

General Information

FTP by e-mail

Other FTP Site Lists

Monster FTP List
Useful Files And FTP Sites (Programming)

FTP Sites

WWW - World-Wide Web

To search the WWW, see my 'Search Engines' page.

Web Site Guides

WWW Frequently Asked Questions

Lord Soth's Favourite Internet Sites
New UK Web pages
UCL Internet Resource Guide
What's New on the World-Wide Web?
WWW Showcase

Resources To Build Your Own Web Page


Buttons, Cubes & Bars
Icon Browser
Interactive Graphics Renderer
Netscape colors
Netscape - Graphics Primer
Randy's Icon And Image Bazaar
Very nice backgrounds

General Links

CGI FAQ (Common Gateway Interface FAQ
GCI Overview home page

Server-Side Includes

HTML Reference Manual
HTML Validation
Netscape - Creating Net Sites
Web Page Content Development
WWW & Internet manuals, WWW Demos


Graz University Of Technology's Hyper-G Server (With Hyper-G to WWW Gateway)


HTML Quick Reference Guide
A Beginner's Guide to HTML


Borland's Java Page
Sun's Java Page


VRML 1.0 Specification

Wired's VRML Forum

VRML Repository At The San Diego Supercomputing Center
The VRML Object Supermarket


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