Software Licence-o-matic Chooser Thingamejig

Have you produced some software that you want to distribute, but don't know which licence to choose? If so, use the Software Licence-o-matic Chooser Thingamejig (TM) to help you. Just answer the following questions, click the "Choose" button and worry no more!

NOTE: If you have no sense of humour, please stop reading this page now.

What kind of software is it?



A set of macros

How much reuse and/or redistribution do you want?

I don't mind a couple of people using my software, but really I'm putting it on the Internet for the fame and adoration. My home page could also do with some new content.

I don't want those capitalist pigs ripping off my work and using it to save themselves some work while profiting from my years of hard work. BSD sucks.

I don't mind capitalist pigs ripping off my work. I am a capitalist pig and all's fair in love and war. BSD rocks.

This software is useful and there's no point everyone duplicating my work. We should all share our work, so that we all benefit.

I am RMS.

Which operating system(s) is it for?




Mac OS X

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