WSOCKVDD - WSOCK.VXD Emulation for Windows NT

WSOCKVDD, Copyright (C) 1999 by Berczi Gabor
WSOCKVDD is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


WSOCKVDD is a Virtual Device Driver (VDD) for Windows NT. It emulates the interface provided by WSOCK.VXD. You load, unload and call it as you would WSOCK.VXD. WSOCK.VXD is (mostly) documented in the WSOCK.VXD Pseudo-Documentation. Currently WSOCKVDD only supports a real-mode interface. This means any attempt to obtain its entry point from protected-mode will fail.


WSOCKVDD.ZIP (Sources & binaries) (54K) - Dated 1999-12-13, uploaded 2000-01-04.

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